Monday, February 7, 2011

My Bedroom

I have been working on changing our bedroom around. I bought the bedside tables from Aldi, they are great for the price!! Still to get a lamp shade though looking for something in linen........The use of a combination of old mirrors, mirrors from my 21st birthday, a cream bird cage given by my mum for my birthday last year and my Nana's doilies which I have put onto a canvas above our bed. Silver frames + black and white photos of my husband and I back in the day.....
Nana's doilies put onto a couple of canvas's above our bed

Vintage charm = Love
I just love it!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Custom Order Cushion

Starting to make some cushion covers of late. The one pictured above was a custom order, retangle cushion. I just love it!
Japanese fabric, linen blend, with bicycles, so colourful!!
For the back of cushion I used a dark denim with gorgeous natural colours buttons.
The back looked as good as the front, but forgot to take a picture before shipping it off to the client.