Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dining Room

Here is the dining room, almost finished. I am yet to make the tie backs for the curtains but plan to that this week. I have a black, brown and cream check fabric so think it will look OK. Well put it this way.....I think it is a thousand times better than it looked 7 months ago. The dining table I bought from ebay at a bargain price of $82 and the chairs are from Kmart. The vase was found at the house, left behind, brand new still in it's box. My Mum bought me the flowers for the vase. (thanks Mum!!) The new entry into the kitchen works well, and I am really pleased we turned the formal dining room into the boys room.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Blackboard Wall

I finally got around to painting the wall in my kitchen with blackboard paint. This was the old entry into the kitchen which we blocked off. The kids will have fun with the new blackboard and it will be great from me to jot down reminders. I have also hung some plates in the kitchen which I have picked up at second hand shops. Not sure I am liking them as much as I liked the idea of it. Will post some photos of them later.

Empty Frames

When going through all the rubbish the previous owner had left, I came across these frames in the garage. They were brand new still in the box. I have hung them in the dining room and my husband thinks I need to put some artwork in them. I like them just the way they are.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Curtains and Pelmets

I have been busy making curtains for the back room, lounge and dining room. The lounge room front window is so big that I could not even buy any curtains long enough for it. I have just used curtain lining which was about $6 a meter, but I am pleased with the look. I have painted the pelmets black I think they will look OK when I get the black cushions etc...I got a handyman to make up some wooden pelmets for the back room and I have padded and covered them with fabric. I have been unsure as to what I would do in the back room as I have to work with the grey couch. I finally found a yellow fabric from funky fabrix website, only trouble it there was not quite enough, so have now found a yellow stripe to mix in with it to make some cushion covers and bring the whole room together.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Kitchen

It's been a while since I have had time to get on here. My Mum is visiting and we have been busy, I do not know where the weeks go!!

I thought I would share the kitchen with you. I know it is not new, but with a good clean and a bit of paint I think it has come up really well. Even if it did take me 3 days just to clean the oven. I didn't want to get a new kitchen just yet. I think we need to live here a while longer and think about how we a going to renovate, so it fits in with the overall long term plan. I may even change the location of the kitchen, so thought it a waste of money to rush in and put in a flat pack kitchen in it's place. I am happy with the result and it is at least liveable!!

I have painted the cupboard doors with the white knight laminate paint and also used that on the tile splash back. I used sliver laminate paint for the bench top and then finished it off with the white knight bench top lacquer. I kept the orginal handles on the doors, just soaked them in washing detergent over night and they came up as good a new. With the lino ripped up and the floor board polished it looks as good as new. I know it is not a new kitchen but works and it still has a bit of character. Amazing results with the great paints on offer these days.

The windows did not have a very good view. We actually looked directly into underneath the next door neigbours house. Not a great look, so mum helped me apply this stuff that makes the windows look frosted, it was a bit like contact but had to be wet when applied. The light can still come in the window and it is a much better then the view we had. Muslin is draped it over a curtain rod to dress the window.