Monday, February 15, 2010

Re-doing my dining/lounge room

I have been thinking for a while, that the dark wooden furniture I have in the dining room is too dark. Maybe the space would look bigger if all the furniture was white.....The question is.......should I paint the dining table white. If I did paint it white, I would then have to paint the legs of the chairs white as well, and then make slip covers for the chairs. Not to mention re-paint the black pelmets, I was thinking is a natural linen/beige......then adding in some colour here and there, what do you think?? Or is the table too nice to paint over??


  1. Oh Natasha you know what I am like. Paint it white, paint it white. You won't believe the difference it makes. Even paint the legs and sides white first and leave the top timber and see how that goes. I love your curtains and would leave the bacl pelment I think it would tie in well. Sandy

  2. That is a beautiful table, I'm with Sandy. Paint it white

  3. Hi Natasha, yes do paint it white, it will look fab in your room, im with Sandy and Lise.

    I Just Love That Fabric