Monday, June 1, 2009

The Kitchen

It's been a while since I have had time to get on here. My Mum is visiting and we have been busy, I do not know where the weeks go!!

I thought I would share the kitchen with you. I know it is not new, but with a good clean and a bit of paint I think it has come up really well. Even if it did take me 3 days just to clean the oven. I didn't want to get a new kitchen just yet. I think we need to live here a while longer and think about how we a going to renovate, so it fits in with the overall long term plan. I may even change the location of the kitchen, so thought it a waste of money to rush in and put in a flat pack kitchen in it's place. I am happy with the result and it is at least liveable!!

I have painted the cupboard doors with the white knight laminate paint and also used that on the tile splash back. I used sliver laminate paint for the bench top and then finished it off with the white knight bench top lacquer. I kept the orginal handles on the doors, just soaked them in washing detergent over night and they came up as good a new. With the lino ripped up and the floor board polished it looks as good as new. I know it is not a new kitchen but works and it still has a bit of character. Amazing results with the great paints on offer these days.

The windows did not have a very good view. We actually looked directly into underneath the next door neigbours house. Not a great look, so mum helped me apply this stuff that makes the windows look frosted, it was a bit like contact but had to be wet when applied. The light can still come in the window and it is a much better then the view we had. Muslin is draped it over a curtain rod to dress the window.

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