Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrifting Finds!!

A while ago I was in the local salvo's store and came across a trundle bed. It was scratched and plain pine. What a great price at just $10. Nothing a coat of white paint couldn't fix. I bought it home really happy with the purchase, yet my husband wondered why we needed another bed??? Well, once I painted white so it matched the beds in the boy's room - it looks perfect together!! Once the boys are big enough for friends to sleep over, we have a spare bed!!


  1. Hi Natasha what a fantastic job on the bed. What a difference a coat of white paint makes. Bargain buy for $10 can't get any better than that. Love the linen and the red lamp. Have a good weekend Sandy

  2. That red lamp and the bed looking gorgeous , wonderful work done..

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