Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Around Mum's Garden

Staying at Mum's so thought I would take a few photos around her garden.....A sunny spot to sit and relax and have a cup of tea. In fact this is a great spot to sit and watch the kids run around on the grass in the back yard. I love the outdoor clock above the two seat setting.(take no notice of the date on the photos..must have had the camera set on the wrong date.)

The back porch - framed pots on the wall. I love these, they look so rustic.
The back porch again from a different view. I just love the antique bird cage mum has hanging out here, as well as the black and crystal candle chandelier......have told her she had better check my bags on the way out as they could accidentally find themselves in my bags.....only kidding mum, but they are lovely!

The rose garden looks great when all the white roses are in full bloom. Probably should have moved the hose though. Wished my gardens at home looked even half as good as this. We have not got to the outside gardens. Inspiring me to get very busy when I get home!!

The tree in the corner of the backyard is my favourite tree ever. The kids just love climbing it as well. There are a couple of baby trees at the bottom of the tree so am going to take a couple and grow one of my own. Mum thinks it will only take about 25 years or so to get to the size of her tree......the way the years go these days, I'll have my very own before you know it!!

The pool is empty at present and needs to be re-painted.

It has been cold and wet most of the week, but it has been good to come home and catch up with family and friends. The kids just love coming to Bathurst.


  1. Jennifers place is looking amazing, when is Jen starting a blog?? Thanks for commenting on the soap dishes, Kerry will have a complex as there has been no response in his new found career ha ha just kidding!!

  2. I love the iron furniture. Makes me want to jump right in the picture.