Thursday, October 15, 2009

Around Some of Mum's House

I know this is usually my Fabulous Friday Fabrics day but I am still at Mum's so thought I would show you around a bit of the inside of her house.
Growing up I used to hate my Mum's taste in interior design, but funny how the older you get, how much your tastes change. I used to love everything very modern, I have now done a complete turn around and love vintage mixed with a touch of new.
The photo above is just a few jugs in my Mum's jug collection she has in and around her kitchen. All of them are so different. Again take no notice of the date on the photos. It is mum's camera and the date and time must not be set correctly. Must try and do that for her before we leave to go home. How fast has this week gone!!! School next week!

My old bedroom, which my daughter now calls her room when we come back to visit Nana. I love the french inspired furniture mum has in here, especially the old french style cupboard. I could not get a good enough photo of it, as it is in the corner of the room and the angle of it made it difficult for me to take a good photo. But trust is gorgeous!!

In Mum's back room. Off this room is the back porch and also another door out to the pool and outdoor dining area. The other side of this room she has two leather couches and and the TV/Stereo etc..... This is the room the kids use when we come back home. At least you can wipe up any spills off the floor. This was room was done in the 1980's when black and white was very "in". I think Mum has done a fantastic job of bring it into the year 2000, adding in the touches of yellow.

This is Mum's lounge room and dining area. The dining room photo is a bit dark, well very dark....I am definitely not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination!!

I love the Parker dining suite especially the buffet (not that you can really see it in this photo). An interior decorator once said to Mum she should have it painted cream. She went against that advice and got it re-polished. Even though I am a big fan of painting furniture. In this particular case, I am so please she didn't get it painted. You see these Parker buffet's in all the magazines lately, just classic Parker furniture!! Her curtain are all cream silk, as is the curtain pelmets. Behind the wing back chair my mum has a lamp. The photo does not show how beautiful is actually has crystals hanging down all around it A bit too fussy for my decore but it is so "MUM".
It has been great visiting Mum and I hope you like the brief tour. As my best friend suggested, Mum may have to start her own blog!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Natasha thanks for stopping by. Love the photos of your mums place my favourite room is your old bedroom - very french indeed.
    Have a good weekend - Sandy x

  2. I too didnt really like my mums taste when I was young, and now I feel the opposite. It is funny isn't it. Thanks for sharing these photographs.