Friday, April 2, 2010

Chandelier Wall Decal

I ordered a Chandelier Wall Decal the other week from esty and it arrived this week. I thought it would be quite easy to apply, but they are actually quite tricky and time consuming. Especially the chandelier as it has so many separate bits. Anyway I finally got it on the wall and here it is.


  1. Your chandelier looks lovely! I agree about the difficulty in getting them on the wall. The last bird cage decals I put on the wall had lots of static as well, so as soon as I got them close to the wall they would just attach themselves (crookedly). My wonderful husband was kind enough to help me! xx

  2. Cool, that looks really good, I can see you had to add all the little droplets individually, lots of patience needed, but very impressive.

    Happy Easter

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric