Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fabulous Friday Fabrics!

Not sure where the weeks go these days. I was busy organising the shopping night at the pre school, which went really well. Now getting ready for the Coal Point Fete tomorrow. Just hope the weather holds out and it doesn't pour with rain. The wooden toys I had went really well so have been busy re-ordering during the week. I also had some beaded coat hangers which where very pretty and a bit different. I had sold all the pink coat hangers at the shopping night so had re-ordered them as well. The fairy dress-ups have arrived just in time. The stall is going to be jam packed with lots of different things.
Next week I am taking my Mum to Sydney for a hip replacement operation which she has been putting off for ages. Hope it all goes well.
Then at the end of the month I am having my daughter's 5th birthday party, starting on the invitations which are going to be paperdolls with fabric dresses.......stay tuned for some photos. I might be buying some paper dollies to use as bunting, will have to experiment a bit with that to see if it will look OK. Thinking about making some tulle skirts for all her guests but my husband thinks I have gone mad!!!May have to tone it down a bit.
I love this collection of fabrics by Jennifer pretty!!


  1. Love the fabrics. Finding it hard to get to fete/market that you are at! I will keep my eye out coming up to christmas. Not always easy with work/kids etc etc. Really love your stuff and will stay tuned.....

  2. Natasha how did the Coral Point fete go?

  3. Weather was perfect, if the fete was today they would have had to cancel, as it rained most of today.
    Lots of postive feedback and orders for the childrens clothing I make, so the fete went really well. Thanks Sandy.
    Thanks for the award as well Sandy, have not had a chance to sit and think about 7 things, but will do that during the week. Very much appreciated the nomination!!!!

  4. Hi Natasha, thanks for visiting my blog, it's so nice to meet you!
    You sound like a very busy Mum, I giggled at the idea of tulle skirts for all the party guests and your husbands reaction...sounds too familiar. Do you lie awake at night thinking of original ideas for parties like I do????
    I like the idea of fabulous friday fabrics, very cool!

  5. Thanks Ange, lovely to meet you in blog land. My husband is saying he does not want to be around when she gets married if this is how I carry on for her 5th Birthday....ha ha. They do not understand do they!!