Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Daughter's 5th Birthday Party!!

Paper doily bunting

Cookie crayon packs with note book

Treasure Hunt bags with intial

Lolly bags

Treasure Hunt bags Other Side

Treasure Hunt

Fairy Cake

Desert Table

My daughter with her cake

I have not been on my blog for over a week now. Have been VERY busy with all the preparations for my daughter's party. It was yesterday, and as the back yard is still in need of a lot of attention, we had it at a local hall. It was again a hot day as well as windy with a dust storm!

Made the treasure bags big enough so they can be used as library bags when they all go off to school next year. Packaged up the crayon cookies with a note pad in a small bag and these were the musical statue prizes. The children had fun playing all the party games. Did not have time to wrap up a pass the parcel so decided late last night to get one of my daughter's princess dolls and they could play pass the princess, it was much easier.

So after a late night preparing and an early morning from 6 am to get it all together. I think it all went well. The main thing is that all the children had fun!!!


  1. Gorgeous, looks like your little girl had a wonderful day, especailly with that cut cake, yummy.

    I Just Love That Fabric

  2. I love your creations and pictures and I was wondering if you might be interested in sharing some of your images with our readers on our blog:

    Thank you

  3. It wasn't obvious that pink was your daughter's favorite. Haha! ;) Kidding aside, with the preparations you did for the treasure hunt, I would assume that it was the highlight of the celebration. Everybody had fun, no? But of course, the happiest would be the birthday celebrator!

    Nita Digirolamo