Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Think Pink!!

I have been busy getting my daughter's party invites out. Now looking at the calender and just realising how much time I do NOT have in getting everything ready in time. Better get busy making the bags for the treasure hunt. Not sure I am going to make the skirts now. Will have to see how much time I have. Been cutting the paper doilies in half for the bunting at the party and I think it will look quite good. Going to have a desert table at the party and the theme for this is PINK - her favourite colour!! In fact most things at the party are going to be pink.

Going to Sydney today to pick my Mum up from hospital and bring her back to the Toronto Private hospital to the rehab here. Her recovery has not been perfect. She needed to have a blood transfusion after the operation and she has been feeling quite sick. It will be much better when she is closer so I can go visit.
Have not even started my Christmas shopping!! That will have to wait until after the party at the end of this month!!

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