Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day!!

Nearly the end of January and Australia Day is here! My son goes back to school at the end of this week and my daughter starts school for the first time on Monday of next week. I will be holding back a few tears I think. She can not keep her new school shoes off ......not a good look ......a pretty summer dress paired with white ankle socks and black school shoes, but she is loving them!

Still hobbling around, I was in that much pain that I went to the doctor on Sunday morning, I have injured not one but both my Achille's heels. I have been taking pain killers which is helping a bit but not much.

I have now started a new job and am now managing a lakeside property for overnight stays, not far from our house. Check out the website Unfortunately it is not suitable for small children though, but if you ever need a weekend away to relax and unwind this house is definitely the place to come!!

Enjoy your Australia Day!!

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