Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Picture of Sydney NYE 2009 - proudly produced by the City of Sydney Gallery

Can you believe how fast Christmas day came and went. We all had a lovely day here at Mum's and the kids loved all their presents, but of course they got way too much!!
New years eve was very relaxed. We spent the night over at Mum's neighbours house which is all lit up with lights absolutely everywhere. The kids thought is was Christmas all over again. We then walked down to the local park at Bathurst for fireworks display at 9pm.
Since then we have been searching for a new car. I tend to take my time and need to look alot before I buy, whereas my husband would buy the first thing he saw. After alot of looking, I think we have found the one, stay tuned....


  1. Happy New Year, will you be home soon?

  2. Happy new year to you to!! Thanks for the birthday message as well. Paul's already home. We coming home tommorrow. Got a car, finally - a Toyota Kluger, which I am driving back home tomorrow,Yay!!

  3. Cant wait to see what you got. The year did go fast, and now January is flying by....Hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010.