Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Before Photos - Kitchen and Bathroom

The previous owner was obviously not capable of cleaning up the house herself, so she offered us about $1000.00 to get it done. If I had known all the crap she had left behind the fee should have been alot higher.

At the end of the day we just wanted to get her out and start the clean out. She had delayed settlement 3 times before so by this stage we just wanted her out. It was the most stressful experience, even the real estate agent said, any place we purchase in the future will be a breeze compared to this one. We got the house at a good price because of the state it was in so all was good - I think????? Were we mad?????
Below is a photo of the bathroom. A lovely black and pink 1950s style. Painting will hopefully make big difference to it's appearance. There are so many fantastic paint products on the market these days that you can paint just about anything!!

The Kitchen was an absolute mess, as you can see by the photo. The bathroom was just as bad. She had left the kitty litter trays in there and they had not been cleaned in months. I could not even enter the bathroom because of the smell. So the real estate agent braved the smell and went in and got the litter trays to take out side.

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