Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Boys Room

To make the third bedroom we had to close off the enrty into the kitchen. My brother-in-law came to lend a hand, so he was able to block off this entry and open another entry off the dining room.
After I had stripped all the wallpaper and exposed the bare wall, it was brown. I thought nothing of it until I started to paint. I started with a sealer thinking that would cover the brown. Not to be. With each coat of paint, the brown from the wall kept bleeding through the paint. I phoned my mum to ask her what I could do. She told me I would just have to keep painting until it covered. Thanks Mum!! I was hoping for a different answer!! I was so sick of painting, as it took 7... yes... 7 coates of paint on the walls in the boys room until I was finally happy with the result.

I used the pelmet that was already in the room. I stripped the wallpaper off it and initally thought I would cover it with some fabric, then thought it would be just as easy with paper. There are some really nice papers about these days. I went to the scrapbooking shop and picked up some paper that I think was made to go with the pillows on the beds. I still need to do some artwork for the walls in the boys room, and the lamp shades that I covered are in need of some additional trims to finish them off, but overall I am happy with how it is looking. I am going to make some more pillows for the beds, to tie in with the red, blue and white. The desk area is not finished yet but think I will put a bookcase in and some shelves above the desk. Big change from how it looked 6 months back!

P.S. Thanks to my best friend Belinda for being my first follower on this blog.

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