Friday, May 15, 2009

The Clean Up!!

The clean up!!

After getting over the intial shock of the state of the house and the task ahead. We had only given ourselves two weeks to get the house liveable. I did not even think about if this was going to be possible, as we just had to do it, I had already given notice at the place we were renting.

The day after settlement I got up very early to make a start on cleaning up the house in preparation for painting.

We had left the house windows and doors open all night to let some air through the house. I took one step inside and just turned around and ran straight back out. The smell was disgusting and I was pysically sick.

Phoned my Mum who was at home minding the kids and said it was too bad, and I couldn't stomach being in there. Believe me it was bad!!! Mum to the rescue, came up and spent all day raking out the house. Yes that's right, she came armed with a rake and raked out all the rubbish left behind. Then cleaned it. After everything was out I could at least help with the cleaning and the smell was not as bad. We hired the biggest skip you could get and the busy two weeks began!!!

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